I hadn’t realized that that NYTimes.com is blocking access after 20 articles/month for Canadians. Fortunately, though, they’re just putting some cruft in front of the article, so if you’d still like to read it, you can drag the following bookmarklet onto your bookmarks toolbar.


And click it any time nytimes.com blocks you on a page. It does nothing on any other website, but clicking it on a blocked NYTimes article will show the content as usual. It should work with any browser that has a bookmarks toolbar showing, let me know if you have any problems.

Having trouble? John Hudson @theatlantic wrote the book on how to use NYTClean

(Update: March 22, 3:44pm) Jeff Bercovici of Forbes asked a Times spokeswoman about NYTClean: "As we have said previously, as with any paid product, we expect that there will be some percentage of people who will find ways around our digital subscriptions. We will continue to monitor the situation but plan no changes to the programming or paywall structure in advance of our global launch on March 28th."

Since you're here, why not try:


You don't get to control where Google drops your organic searches, customize any page your visitors land on with OrganicYak. Except it's only in super secret beta, so don't use it :)


This project is growing up into a real live tool for tracking domains -- especially when you've accquired them over a few years and several registars. Right now it's also in super beta, except for Reddit.

Other projects

When it isn't being overwhelmed by love from the blogosphere, this server hosts some tiny projects of mine (sometimes they graduate to real dedicated hosting, sometimes they fall by the wayside).

Can you hack facebook likes

Yes, it seems you can.

TinyCRM Raplet

Rapportive seemed like the way to go for a while, Tiny CRM (Sorry, the server is overloaded, so I'm taking this link down). was my proof-of-concept raplet on their infrastructure. It's still up and working with users, but development is on hold.


Want to get the most out of your trip to last year's burning man?. (Sorry, the server is overloaded, so I'm taking this link down).

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